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  1. providing no shelter or sustenance
  2. pitiable in circumstances especially through abandonment
  3. crushed by grief
  4. made uninhabitable
  5. unused
  6. barren
  7. depressed
  8. despondent
  1. leave someone who needs or counts on you
  2. leave in the lurch
  3. reduce in population
  4. devastate or ravage
  5. ravage
  6. destroy

desolate Sentences in English

  1. उजड़ा हुआ
    Made uninhabitable

  2. अकेला  =  alone
    A desolate person

  3. सुनसान  =  lonely
    A desolate industrial landscape

  4. उदासीआ  =  sad
    We all felt absolutely disolate when she left

  5. बरबाड होना  =  ruined
    A city completely desolated by civil strife

  6. उदास होना  =  sad
    A family disolated by the loss of a child

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