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through Definitions and meaning in English

  1. having finished or arrived at completion
  2. of a route or journey etc.
  3. continuing without requiring stops or changes
  4. done
  5. direct
  1. from one end or side to the other
  2. from beginning to end
  3. over the whole distance
  4. to completion
  5. in diameter
  6. throughout the entire extent
  1. by way of
  2. between
  3. during

through Sentences in English

  1. पूर्ण  =  relation
    Through relation

  2. खुला  =  road
    Through the road

  3. शुरू से अंत तक  =  state
    There is a through train.

  4. सीधा
    A through train to leeds

  5. अच्छी तरह से  =  thoroughly
    Read this book through

  6. बदौलत  =  by dint of
    The man became rich through hard way

  7. स्  =  from
    She cut the sequence of the necklace through the middle

  8. पूरी तरह से  =  manner
    Read this book through

  9. के द्वारा  =  by
    He came through the window

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