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  1. holding office
  2. directed or bound inward
  3. currently fashionable
  4. fashionable
  1. a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
  2. a rare soft silvery metallic element
  3. occurs in small quantities in sphalerite
  4. a state in midwestern United States
  1. to or toward the inside of
  2. inside an enclosed space

in Sentences in English

  1. वैयक्तिक  =  joke
    It was an in joke.

  2. भीतरी  =  thing
    I found the letter in my in tray

  3. इन  =  golf, state
    His in score on the second round was 34

  4. सत्तारूढ  =  autocrat
    He is a member of the in party

  5. उपलब्ध  =  available
    Summer squash is in now

  6. जलती हुई  =  burning
    Is the fire still in

  7. प्रचलित  =  fashionable
    That new restaurant is the in place to go now

  8. भीतरी  =  inner
    The in part of a mechanism

  9. भीतरी  =  inward
    Put the mail in the in basket

  10. प्रचलित  =  state
    It's the in thing to do at the moment.

  11. पहने हुए  =  wearing
    She is in red dress.

  12. अंदर  =  out, manner
    Open the box and put the money in

  13. इन  =  baseball, manner
    The third baseman played in, expecting a bunt

  14. इन्  =  cricket, manner
    Our side were went in to bat first

  15. अंदर  =  manner
    Come in,please.

  16. भीतर  =  manner
    Come in,please.

  17. प्रभुत्व  =  influence
    He's got an in with influential people

  18. में  =  at
    John works in hospital

  19. के समय में  =  during
    The first time i've seen her in two years

  20. में  =  for
    He learnt english in three weeks

  21. के अंदर  =  inside
    We keep the money in a box

  22. प्रति  =  per
    They will have to pay a tax of 40p in the pound

  23. के समय  =  while
    In studying other cultures,you can learn about your own

  24. में  =  within
    A task done in ten minutes

  25. के समय में  =  period
    I'll come home in january

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