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  1. so as to pass a given point
  2. in reserve
  3. not for immediate use
  4. near
  1. next to
  2. by means of

by Sentences in English

  1. अतिरिक्त  =  bye
    He got a by run

  2. बगल में  =  aside
    We live by his house

  3. पास  =  near
    He sat by his sister

  4. बगल से  =  past
    He went by my house

  5. बगल से  =  manner
    A dog ran by

  6. के निकट  =  manner
    They stood by and watched

  7. पास में  =  manner
    They stood by and watched

  8. उप  =  bye

  9. के भितर  =  time
    Be here by 6 o'clock

  10. तक  =  time
    I'll return back by 15 march.

  11. के अनुसार  =  according to
    To play by the rules

  12. में  =  during
    Cats sleep by day and hunt by night.

  13. तक  =  upto
    The price of oil fell by a further rs.2/-

  14. स्  =  logic
    Can you prove it by logic

  15. द्वारा
    She was killed by a bullet.

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