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  1. successive (without a break)
  2. having no deviations
  3. (of hair) having no waves or curls
  4. erect in posture
  5. right
  6. in keeping with the facts
  7. honest and morally upright
  8. no longer coiled
  9. without curves
  10. neatly arranged
  11. not disorderly
  12. characterized by honesty and fairness
  13. not homosexual 1
  14. accurately fitted
  15. level
  16. without water
  17. reliable in matters of fact
  18. following a correct or logical method
  19. rigidly conventional or old-fashioned
  20. aligned; not curved
  21. honest
  22. fair
  23. orderly
  24. unmixed
  25. conventional
  26. square
  1. a heterosexual person
  2. someone having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex
  3. a poker hand with 5 consecutive cards (regardless of suit)
  4. a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse
  1. without deviation
  2. in a forthright manner
  3. candidly or frankly
  4. in a straight line
  5. in a direct course
  6. immediately
  7. directly
  8. honestly

straight Sentences in English

  1. विषमलिंगी  =  homosexual
    Straight men

  2. सीधा  =  answer
    Straight yes or no

  3. खड़ा  =  hair
    Straight hair

  4. सीधी  =  line
    A straight line

  5. सुब्यवस्धित  =  arranged
    I'am trying to get the room straight before you parents

  6. इमानदार  =  honest
    I don't think you are being straight with me

  7. गंभीर  =  serious
    A straight day

  8. अमिक्षित  =  unmixed
    I like my vodka straight

  9. सीधा  =  upright
    Stand up straight

  10. सटीक  =  upto mark
    His answers are not straight

  11. लगातार  =  continuously
    Work for 16 hours straight

  12. सीधे  =  direction
    Come straight home

  13. साफ तौर पर  =  frankly
    I told him straight that i did not like him

  14. सीधा  =  manner
    Look straight ahead

  15. ठीक से  =  properly
    Turn the ratio lower, i cannot think straight

  16. विषमलिंगी  =  hetrosexual
    Gays and straight

  17. सीधा भाग  =  place
    The two runners were level coming into the final straight

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