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  1. affected manners intended to impress others
  2. a posture assumed by models for photographic or artistic purposes
  3. a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display
  4. artificial position
  1. introduce
  2. assume a posture as for artistic purposes
  3. pretend to be someone you are not
  4. put into a certain place or abstract location
  5. be a mystery or bewildering to
  6. sit
  7. stand in place
  8. pretend
  9. fake
  10. offer
  11. put forward idea

pose Sentences in English

  1. मुद्रा  =  posture
    She adopted a stiff,formal pose.

  2. दिखावा  =  show
    His concern for the poor is only a pose.

  3. दावा करना  =  claim
    He posed as a successful businessman.

  4. खड़ा होना  =  stand
    He had to pose in the nude.

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