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  1. position or arrangement of the body and its limbs
  2. characteristic way of bearing one's body
  3. a rationalized mental attitude
  4. capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affectthe capacity to fight a war
  5. stance
  6. circumstance
  7. beliefs
  1. behave affectedly or unnaturally in order to impress others
  2. assume a posture as for artistic purposes
  3. display an attitude

posture Sentences in English

  1. रुख  =  attitude
    The newly elected government has adopted a defensive posture on the issue of immigration.

  2. हाव भाव  =  mannerisms
    She has very good posture.

  3. मुद्रा  =  pose
    An awkward posture.

  4. दिखावा करना  =  pretend
    He postured as a political activist.

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