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  1. functioning correctly and ready for action
  1. a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else)
  2. street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine
  3. a usually brief attempt
  4. a board game for two players who place counters on a grid
  5. the object is to surround and so capture the opponent'scounters
  6. spirit
  7. vitality
  8. try
  9. attempt
  1. change location
  2. follow a certain course
  3. be abolished or discarded
  4. be or continue to be in a certain condition
  5. make a certain noise or sound
  6. perform as expected when applied
  7. to be spent or finished
  8. progress by being changed
  9. continue to live 2
  10. go through in search of something
  11. search through someone's belongings in an unauthorized way
  12. be spent
  13. give support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number
  14. stop operating or functioning
  15. elapse
  16. endure

go Sentences in English

  1. स्फूर्ति  =  energy
    She's got a lot of go!

  2. उत्साह  =  energy
    She's got a lot of go!

  3. बारी  =  turn
    Whose go is it

  4. उत्साहअ  =  vigor
    She's got a lot of go!

  5. चलाना  =  human leave
    I must go now.

  6. हो जाना  =  occur
    Her face went red with anger.

  7. होना  =  human, action
    My money goes for food and rent

  8. ना  =  human
    Go down

  9. ना  =  be passed on
    Such complaints must go through the proper channels.

  10. रखा होना  =  be put
    Where does this teapot go"in that cupboard."

  11. पहुँचना  =  be sent
    What time will this letter go/i want this memo to go to all departmental managers.

  12. बिकना  =  be sold
    The new dictionary is going well.

  13. खर्च होना  =  be spent
    I don't know where the money goes!

  14. इस्तमाल होना  =  be used
    This money will go to finance a new community centre.

  15. होना  =  be
    These tomatoes will go half a pound each

  16. चलाना  =  change
    He went to another party.

  17. चलना  =  endure
    Work is going.

  18. चलाना  =  move
    He went into her room.

  19. बाक़ी होना  =  remain
    Two more exams still to go.

  20. उत्पन्न होना  =  yield
    This field will go 500 bales of cotton

  21. उपलब्ध होना  =  be available
    There simply aren't any jobs going in this area.

  22. फटना  =  become damage
    My sweater has gone at the elbows.

  23. होना  =  become
    Go mad/palehis hair is going grey.

  24. पदच्युत होना  =  be dismissed
    He's incompetent- he'll have to go.

  25. गोअना  =  be disposed of
    The old sofa will have to go.

  26. बजना  =  be sounded
    The whistle goes at the end of the match.

  27. देने की इच्छा होना  =  be willing to pay
    He's offered rs 3500 for the car and i don't think he'll go any higher.

  28. सहायता करना  =  contribute
    This all goes to prove my theory.

  29. ना  =  disappear
    I've washed it repeatedly but the stain won't go.

  30. बढना  =  extend
    Differences between workers and employers go deep.

  31. लगना  =  fit
    This key won't go in the lock.

  32. ख़राब होना  =  get worse
    His sight is beginning to go.

  33. करना  =  make sound
    Cats go 'miaow'

  34. बीतना  =  pass
    Hasn't the time gone quickly

  35. होना  =  show
    Police are worried that many crimes go unreported.

  36. फ़ैलना  =  spread
    The roots of this plant go deep.

  37. बंद होना  =  stop
    Has your headache gone yet

  38. जाना  =  travel
    I have to go rome on business tomorrow.

  39. काम करना  =  work
    The machine goes by electricity.

  40. चलना  =  do
    The machine goes by electricity. / the washing machine won't go unless it's plugged in.

  41. मर जाना  =  die
    Old mrs davis has gone.

  42. ज़िंदा रहना
    We went without water and food for 3 days.

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