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  1. make a proposal, declare a plan for something
  2. imply as a possibility
  3. drop a hint
  4. call to mind or evoke
  5. convey advice
  6. plan
  7. desire
  8. imply; bring to mind

suggest Sentences in English

  1. सलाह देना  =  advise
    He suggested me wrongly

  2. कल्पित करना  =  imagine
    The stage was bare, with only the lighting to suggest a prison

  3. संकेत करना  =  imply
    Are you suggesting that i am a lair

  4. बताना  =  indicate
    What do these symptoms suggest

  5. बतलाना  =  tell
    Mr. ram has been suggested fot the post of director

  6. सुझाव देना
    A change in the entire system has been suggested.

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