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  1. (sports) a stroke that puts the ball in play
  1. serve a purpose, role, or function
  2. do duty or hold offices
  3. do military service
  4. mate with
  5. put the ball into play
  6. aid
  7. help; supply
  8. act
  9. do

serve Sentences in English

  1. काम करना  =  human work
    He served as head of the department for six years

  2. चाकरी करना  =  human human attend
    He served the old ladyin the wheelchair

  3. काम करना  =  human human
    Marie served her mistress faithfully until her death

  4. देना  =  human thing, provide
    We served the meals for the homeless

  5. देना  =  restaurant dish human
    The hotel served the dish to us

  6. देना  =  deliver
    To serve a court order

  7. काम करना  =  do
    He served six years for embezzlement

  8. साथ रहना  =  mate with
    Male animal serve the females for breeding purposes

  9. परोसना  =  offer
    Come early,we're serving at six

  10. अगे बढ्ना  =  promote
    Arts serves commerce

  11. कामना  =  satisfy, study
    This room served for the study

  12. पूरा करना  =  satisfy
    This will serve our needs for the moment

  13. काम करना  =  spend time
    I have served two years as an apprentics

  14. देना  =  useful, thing
    A single pippeline serves all the houses with the water

  15. काम करना  =  work
    He served as naval officer during the war

  16. सर्विस करना  =  game
    It was agassi's turn to serve

  17. कानूनी कारवाई करना  =  law, event
    He was served by the sheriff

  18. कामना  =  purpose
    The tree stump serve as a table

  19. काम करना  =  service
    He served as the head of the department for severals years

  20. देना  =  liquor, event
    The wine should served chilled

  21. काम करना  =  organisation
    He served the company for 20 years

  22. देना  =  human
    He served somw sweets to the childrens

  23. कामना  =  thing, function
    This table would serve very well

  24. काफ़ी होना
    Nothing else will serve.

  25. तामील करना  =  law
    Details of the summons served by the court in a criminal complaint

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