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  1. not of long duration
  2. having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered
  3. other than the former one(s)
  4. different
  5. having no previous example or precedent or parallel
  6. of a kind not seen before
  7. lacking training or experience
  8. of a new (often outrageous) kind or fashion
  9. (often followed by `to') unfamiliar
  10. (of crops) harvested at an early stage of development
  11. before complete maturity
  12. unaffected by use or exposure
  13. in use after Medieval times
  14. used of a living language
  15. being the current stage in its development
  16. recent
  17. fresh
  18. additional
  19. modernized
  20. restored
  1. very recently
  2. recently

new Sentences in English

  1. नया  =  old, state
    The new is something more attractive than the old

  2. नया  =  book
    A new book is published today

  3. नवीनआ  =  car
    He owned a new car

  4. नया  =  comet
    A new comet

  5. नया  =  company
    He started a new company in america

  6. नया  =  custom
    We should follow the new customs

  7. ताज़ा  =  food
    New carrots

  8. नया  =  human
    A new friend

  9. नया  =  custom
    A men new to such a work

  10. नया  =  machine
    The company replace the human power by bringing into new machines

  11. नया  =  mind
    New ideas

  12. नया  =  project
    We are doing a new project this year

  13. नया  =  step
    She should learn some new steps in her dance

  14. नया  =  teacher
    A new teacher came this year

  15. नया  =  thing
    New clothes

  16. नया  =  tool
    New furniture

  17. नया  =  words
    Learn new words in foreign language

  18. नूतन  =  year
    We celebrated our new year in london

  19. अलग  =  different
    The vacations made a new man of him

  20. नया  =  first time
    A new film

  21. हाल का  =  fresh
    Start on a new sheet of paper

  22. अन्य  =  further
    New gains

  23. ताज़ा  =  manner
    The valley was green with new planted crops

  24. आधुनिक  =  modern
    The newest fashion

  25. नया  =  more
    A new edition

  26. नया  =  novel
    A new concept of the universe

  27. सुदृढ  =  shape
    She looks new woman since she changed jobs

  28. नया  =  state
    A new way of living life

  29. नया  =  stranger
    A new person came into her life

  30. नया  =  unfamiliar
    Her name is new to me

  31. अज्ञात  =  unknown
    The ideas new to us

  32. कच्चा
    New potatoes

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