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  1. not known
  2. being or having an unknown or unnamed source
  3. not known to exist
  4. not famous or acclaimed
  5. not known before
  6. obscure
  7. mysterious
  1. an unknown and unexplored region
  2. anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
  3. a variable whose values are solutions of an equation

unknown Sentences in English

  1. अपरिचित  =  not famous
    The parts are all played by unknown actors.

  2. अज्ञात  =  not identified
    The side-effects of the drug ar as yet unknwon ./the accient was due to unknown causes.

  3. अज्ञात जगह  =  places
    A journey into the unknown.

  4. अज्ञात बात्  =  things
    Fear of the unknown.

  5. अपरिचित व्यक्ति  =  unfamiliar person
    The leading role is played by a complete unknown.

  6. अज्ञात घटक  =  unknown factor
    There are still many unknowns about the us proposals.

  7. अज्ञाथ राशि  =  mathematics, quantity
    X and y are unknowns.

  8. अज्ञात स्थान
    They came like angels out the unknown.

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