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  1. belonging to or participated in by a community as a whole
  2. generally known; held in common
  3. low
  4. coarse

common Sentences in English

  1. साधारण  =  custom
    We believe in common custom

  2. आम  =  government
    Congress is a common government

  3. सब का  =  matter
    This is a common matter

  4. हल्का  =  meal
    I usually take common breakfast in the morning

  5. आम  =  occurence
    Doctrors are still trying to find a cure for the common cold

  6. साधारण  =  relation
    There is a common relation between us

  7. आम  =  right
    We will fight for our common rights

  8. आम  =  ordinary
    A common person

  9. सार्वजनिक  =  public
    Public property

  10. साधारण  =  human
    Stop that! people will think we're common

  11. आम  =  status
    He's not an officer,but a common soldier

  12. सामूहिक भूमि  =  land
    Cows grazing on the common

  13. सार्वजनिक स्थल  =  location
    Go for a walk on the common

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