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  1. easily agitated
  2. causing or fraught with or showing anxiety
  3. of or relating to the nervous system
  4. excited in anticipation
  5. unpredictably excitable (especially of horses)
  6. anxious
  7. fearful

nervous Sentences in English

  1. शीघ्र घबराने वाला  =  character
    A nervous character

  2. बेचैन  =  character
    A nervous character

  3. स्नयु तंट्र  =  disease
    A nervous disease

  4. उदास  =  emotion
    To become nervous under stress

  5. घबराने वाला  =  human
    He's nervous of the stranger

  6. अशांत  =  mind
    An nervous mind

  7. भयभीत  =  afraid
    I'm nervous of being alone at night

  8. बेचैन  =  anxious
    Spent an nervous night waiting for test results

  9. घबराया हुआ  =  feel
    Don't get nervous - the doctor will cure you

  10. तना हुआ  =  tense
    She gave a nervous laugh

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