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afraid Definitions and meaning in English

  1. filled with fear or apprehension
  2. filled with regret or concern
  3. used often to soften an unpleasant statement
  4. feeling worry or concern or insecurity
  5. having feelings of aversion or unwillingness
  6. fearful
  7. reluctant
  8. regretful

afraid Sentences in English

  1. भयभीत  =  fearful
    Don't be afraid.

  2. डरा हुआ  =  fearful
    Suddenly, she looked afraid.

  3. चिंतित  =  worried
    I am afraid we have witnessed only the first phase of the conflict./she was afraid of upsetting her parents.

  4. त्रस्त  =  perturbed
    I'm afraid of my job.

  5. शक  =  doubtful
    I'm afraid that you have been given the wrong address.

  6. खेद  =  person
    I'm afraid i won't be able to come.

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