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  1. possessing or displaying courage
  2. able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching
  3. invulnerable to fear or intimidation
  4. brightly colored and showy
  5. bold
  1. a North American Indian warrior
  2. people who are brave
  1. face or endure with courage
  2. endure bad situation

brave Sentences in English

  1. साहसी  =  human
    You are very brave.

  2. बहादुर  =  human courageous
    He is a brave soldier.

  3. सुंदर  =  excellent
    A brave idea

  4. आनन्ददायक  =  gorgeous
    What a brave day it is today.

  5. ईमान्दार  =  honest
    He is one of the brave employee in the company.

  6. दिखौवा  =  showy
    He is a very brave person

  7. निडर
    Unfearing explorers

  8. ललकार  =  challenge
    He accepted his friend's brave to swim across the river.

  9. बहादुर आदमी  =  human
    He is a very brave

  10. लड़ाकू योद्धा  =  warrior
    He was a noble brave.

  11. साहसपूर्वक सामना करना  =  human weather
    They braved the cold weather.

  12. चुनौती देना  =  defy
    They braved me to spend a night in the graveyard.

  13. सामना करना  =  face human
    He couldn't brave his boss after making such a fool of himself at the meeting

  14. साहसपूर्वक सामना करना  =  death
    We'll have to brave the death in this forest.

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