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  1. lacking self-confidence
  2. easily startled or frightened
  3. short
  4. wary and distrustful
  5. quiet and self
  6. lacking
  7. failing
  1. a quick throw
  1. start suddenly, as from fight
  2. throw quickly

shy Sentences in English

  1. शर्मीला  =  coy
    A shy bird/animal.

  2. संकोची  =  diffident
    He was too shy to speak to her.

  3. दूर  =  far
    Be shy of publicity.

  4. कम  =  short
    We are still two players shy .

  5. संकोची  =  timid
    We are not shy of taking hard decisions.

  6. चौंक जाना  =  startle
    The colt shied at a paper bag blowing in the wind.

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