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  1. around the middle of a scale of evaluation of physical measures
  2. (of meat) cooked until there is just a little pink meatinside
  3. midway
  4. average
  1. a means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information
  2. the surrounding environment
  3. an intervening substance through which signals can travel as a means for communication
  4. (bacteriology) a nutrient substance (solid or liquid) that is used to cultivate micro-organisms
  5. an intervening substance through which something is achieved
  6. a liquid with which pigment is mixed by a painter
  7. (biology) a substance in which specimens are preserved or displayed
  8. a state that is intermediate between extremes
  9. a middle position
  10. someone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead
  11. transmissions that are disseminated widely to the public 1
  12. an occupation for which you are especially well suited
  13. means
  14. mode
  15. atmosphere
  16. setting
  17. area of artistic expression

medium Sentences in English

  1. मँझोला  =  size
    An orange of medium size

  2. मध्यम
    An orange of medium size

  3. माध्यम  =  communication
    Video is a good medium for practising listening to a foreign language.

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