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  1. a mistake resulting from inattention
  2. a break or intermission in the occurrence of something
  3. a failure to maintain a higher state
  4. mistake
  5. break in action
  6. backsliding
  1. pass into a specified state or condition
  2. end, at least for a long time
  3. drop to a lower level, as in one's morals or standards
  4. go back to bad behavior
  5. let slip
  6. pass by
  7. become void; fall back into previous pattern

lapse Sentences in English

  1. समाप्ति  =  end
    Ime lapse.

  2. चूकअ  =  error
    Here was no lapses in security reccently.

  3. भुल  =  mistake
    E didn't offer john a drink and marie didn't appear to notice the lapse.

  4. खत्म हो जाना  =  come to end
    He contract has lapsed.

  5. बीत जाना  =  spend
    Let the conversation lapse and vivek finally spoke up.

  6. पुनः पतन होना
    Those who lapse are often minor criminals.

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