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  1. a journey for some purpose (usually including the return)
  2. a hallucinatory experience induced by drugs
  3. an accidental misstep threatening (or causing) a fall
  4. an exciting or stimulting experience
  5. a catch mechanism that acts as a switch
  6. a light or nimble tread
  7. an unintentional but embarrassing blunder
  8. journey
  9. excursion
  10. error
  11. blunder
  1. miss a step and fall or nearly fall
  2. cause to stumble
  3. make a trip for pleasure
  4. put in motion or move to act
  5. get high, stoned, or drugged
  6. fall
  7. err

trip Sentences in English

  1. यात्रा  =  address-destination
    She took a trip to the shopping center.

  2. भ्रमअ  =  experience
    An acid trip

  3. लड़खड़ाहट  =  fall
    A fall or near fall).

  4. सैर  =  jaunt
    Helicopter trip.

  5. भूल  =  mistake
    Confusion caused his unfortunate misstep

  6. ठोकर  =  stumble
    He recited the whole peom without a single trip

  7. दौरा  =  visit
    During my last trip to london.

  8. ग़लत जगह पैर पड़ना  =  place
    The fisherman tripped over the root and fell into the river

  9. तेज़ी से चलना  =  thing
    The little girl tripped down the path

  10. भूल करना  =  human, mistake
    This lawyer always tries to trip witness up by asking confusing question

  11. पैर पड़ना  =  human, stumble human
    He tripped over the child's toy

  12. तेज़ी से चलना  =  human, walk
    She was tripping along the garden path

  13. पैर पड़ना  =  human
    She tripped over the cat and fell

  14. खोल देना  =  machine
    Trip the shutter of the camera

  15. लड़खड़ाना  =  loose footing
    She tripped and fell.

  16. ठोकर देना  =  make stumble
    He tried to trip me.

  17. खोल देना  =  open
    Trip the shutter of the camera.

  18. ठुमकना  =  walk
    She came tripping along.

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