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  1. moral weakness
  2. a specific form of evildoing
  3. bad habit; sin
  4. weakness

vice Sentences in English

  1. अवगुण  =  virtue
    Greed is a terrible vice.

  2. व्यसन  =  addiction
    He was arrested by the vice squad for drug-trafficking.

  3. बुरी आदत  =  habit
    Chocolates are one of my little vices!

  4. शिकंजा  =  vise
    He held my arm in a vice-like (= very firm) grip.

  5. दुराचार  =  wickedness
    Sink into a life of vice.

  6. चरित्रहीनता
    Vice offends the moral standards of the community.

  7. उप  =  prefix

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