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  1. characterized by a high degree or intensity
  2. often used as a combining form
  3. tending to give force or emphasis
  4. of agriculture
  5. intended to increase productivity of a fixedarea by expending more capital and labor
  6. exhaustive
  1. a modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies

intensive Sentences in English

  1. गहन
    A month-long intensive course in teaching english.

  2. तीव्र
    Bombing, which was intensive in the city centre, has destroyed most of the major buildings.

  3. तीव्रताबोधक  =  adjective
    An intensive adverb.

  4. तीव्रताबोधक
    In the phrases 'an extremely large man' and 'i strongly object', 'extremely' and 'strongly' are both intensives.

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