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  1. being or affecting or concerned with a surface
  2. relating to a surface
  3. of little substance or significance
  4. involving a surface only
  5. without depth
  6. detail

superficial Sentences in English

  1. सतही
    A few superficial editorial changes

  2. पल्लवग्राही  =  mind
    A superficial mind.

  3. अल्पज्ञ  =  person
    A superficial person.

  4. स्पष्ट  =  clear
    A superficial similarity.

  5. सामान्य  =  state
    A superficial book/descriptionhave only a superficial knowledge of history./study botany at a very superficial level.

  6. ऊपरी  =  surface
    A superficial wound/superficial scratches can be easily removed.

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