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  1. young
  2. new
  3. blooming
  4. inexperienced
  5. emerald in color
  6. referring to practices or policies that do not negatively affect the environment
  1. square or park in center of town

green Sentences in English

  1. हरा  =  activity
    We ate daily green vegetable

  2. कच्चा  =  alcohol
    Green wine.

  3. नौसिखिया  =  human, state
    He is still very green

  4. हरा  =  light
    A green lamp

  5. अनुभवहीन  =  inexperienced
    He's still very green- he's bound to make mistake.

  6. ईर्ष्यालु  =  jealous
    What a fabulous car-i am green with envy

  7. पीला  =  pale
    It was a rough crossing and many of the passengers looked distinctly green.

  8. हरा  =  state
    A dark reen coat.

  9. अपक्वआ  =  unripe
    Green bananas

  10. हरा-भरा  =  verdant
    Green fields/hills/suburbs.

  11. हरित  =  politics
    Green politics/argument.

  12. हरा कपड़ा  =  clothes
    Dressed in green.

  13. मैदान  =  land
    Children playing on the village green.

  14. हरियाली  =  vedure
    They sat to chat on the green.

  15. हरा-भरा करना  =  event
    Landed needed for greening the cities.

  16. हरा होना  =  event
    A roof greening with moss and lichen.

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