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general Definitions and meaning in English

  1. applying to all or most members of a category or group
  2. not specialized or limited to one class of things
  3. of national scope
  4. prevailing among and common to the general public
  5. affecting the entire body
  6. somewhat indefinite
  7. of worldwide scope or applicability
  8. common
  9. accepted
  10. inexact
  11. approximate
  12. comprehensive
  1. a general officer of the highest rank
  2. the head of a religious order or congregation
  3. a fact about the whole (as opposed to particular)
  1. command as a general

general Sentences in English

  1. आम  =  particular
    A general meeting.

  2. साधारण  =  special
    The general public weren't allow into the secret trial

  3. प्रधान  =  director
    The general director.

  4. आम  =  election
    General election.

  5. सामान्य  =  knowledge
    General knowledge.

  6. साधारण  =  thing
    These are the general things.

  7. प्रधान  =  chief
    The general manager.

  8. सामान्य  =  common
    General ability.

  9. साधारण  =  normal
    General principles./the general practices in such cases is to apply for a court order.

  10. सामान्य  =  usual
    A general principle.

  11. साधारण  =  vague
    His description was too general to be of much general impression was that it was quite good.

  12. व्यापक  =  widespread
    A matter of general interest/concern.general purpose

  13. जनरल  =  human
    A four-star general

  14. जनरल  =  officer
    The title of an army officer of very high rank

  15. जनरल
    Chief,head,commander of an army

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