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  1. distance travelled per unit time
  2. a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens
  3. changing location rapidly
  4. the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system
  5. a central nervous system stimulant that increases energy anddecreases appetite
  6. used to treat narcolepsy and someforms of depression
  7. rate of motion
  8. often a high rate
  1. step on it
  2. move faster
  3. travel at an excessive or illegal velocity
  4. move very fast
  5. cause to move faster
  6. move along quickly

speed Sentences in English

  1. गति  =  degree
    The speed of this film is too low for such dimlight

  2. गति  =  rate
    At a speed of 50 kilometres an hour

  3. तेजी  =  velocity
    What is the speed of light

  4. जल्दी करना  =  human, event
    The security guard sped her to a waiting helicopter

  5. तेजी से चलना  =  human
    He sped downstairs and flung to open the door

  6. चलाना  =  event human
    The drugs will help speed her recovery

  7. अदिक तेजी से चलाना  =  car
    Cars speeding past the school

  8. भगाना  =  animal
    He speeded the dos behind the theft

  9. तेजी से चलाना  =  vehicle
    He speeded the car

  10. और तेज़ हो जाना  =  intensify
    The car sped.

  11. तेज़ करना  =  modify
    He sped the car.

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