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  1. water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphere
  2. energy
  1. travel by means of steam power
  2. emit steam
  3. rise as vapor
  4. get very angry
  5. clean by means of steaming
  6. cook something by letting steam pass over it

steam Sentences in English

  1. स्टीम  =  brake
    A steam brake

  2. भाप शक्ति  =  power
    The engines are driven by steam

  3. वाष्प  =  vapour
    Steam coming out of a boiling kettle

  4. भाप देना  =  treatment
    Your eyes needs to be steamed

  5. भाप से पकाना  =  cook
    Steam the fish for 10 minutes

  6. वाष्प निकलना  =  event
    The kettle was steaming on the stove

  7. भाप छोड़ना  =  give off
    A mug of steaming coffee

  8. भाप शक्ति से याट्रा करना  =  travel
    We steamed from port to port

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