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  1. the linear extent in space from one end to the other
  2. the longest horizontal dimension of something that is fixed in place
  3. continuance in time
  4. the property of being the extent of something from beginning to end
  5. size of the gap between two places
  6. a section of something that is long and narrow
  7. extent of object
  8. distance
  9. time

length Sentences in English

  1. दूरी  =  distance
    He stood nearly a car's length away from me

  2. विस्तार  =  extent
    He went to great lengths to get what he wanted

  3. ल्ंअबाई  =  length-width-oblique
    Length of the river

  4. ल्ंअबाई  =  measure
    Length of the cloth

  5. लंबाई  =  size
    What is the length of the dress

  6. अरसा  =  time
    At length there was step forward in the negotiation

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