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  1. shade within clear boundaries
  2. an unilluminated area
  3. something existing in perception only
  4. a premonition of something adverse
  5. an indication that something has been present
  6. refuge from danger or observation
  7. a dominating and pervasive presence
  8. a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements
  9. an inseparable companion
  10. darkness
  11. hint
  12. suggestion
  1. follow, usually without the person's knowledge
  2. cast a shadow over
  3. make appear small by comparison
  4. make dark
  5. follow secretly

shadow Sentences in English

  1. अंधेरा  =  darkness
    Her face was in the deep shadow

  2. काला धब्बा  =  dark patch
    To have shadows under the eyes

  3. परछाई  =  atmosphere
    They in the shadow of war

  4. छाया  =  dark area
    The chair cast a shadow on the wall

  5. अंधेरा  =  darkness
    The place was now in shadow

  6. झलक  =  degree
    There is not a shadow of doubt that he is guilty

  7. संकेत  =  hint
    The shadow of the things to come

  8. बोध  =  perception
    A ghostly shadow at the midnight

  9. छाया  =  premonition
    A shadow over his happiness

  10. शरण  =  refuges
    He felt secure in the shadow of his father

  11. आभास  =  semblance
    The shadow of power

  12. शरण  =  shelther
    Sanctuary in the shadow of the church

  13. छाया  =  illusion
    A ghostly shadow at midnight

  14. अंधेरा छ्ना  =  event human cloud
    The incident shadowded their meeting

  15. पिछा करना  =  human human follow
    The police shadowding her

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