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  1. a track or mark left by something that has passed
  2. a path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country
  3. evidence pointing to a possible solution
  4. path
  5. track
  1. to lag or linger behind
  2. go after with the intent to catch
  3. move, proceed, or walk draggingly pr slowly
  4. hang down so as to drag along the ground
  5. drag loosely along a surface
  6. lag behind
  7. follow

trail Sentences in English

  1. रास्ता  =  path
    A trail through the forest.

  2. निशानी  =  sign
    Tourists who leavea trail of litter everywhere they go.

  3. चरण  =  track
    The police are still on the trail of the escaped prisoner.

  4. घिसटना  =  drag
    Her long skirt was trailing on the floor.

  5. पीछा करना  =  follow
    Trail a criminal/wild animal.

  6. उगना  =  grow
    Roses trailing over the walls.

  7. पीछे होना  =  lag behind
    Trailing by two goals to one at half time.

  8. थके हुए चलना  =  walk tiredly
    The tired children trailed along behind their parents.

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