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pour Definitions and meaning in English

  1. cause to run
  2. move in large numbers
  3. pour out
  4. flow in a spurt
  5. supply in large amounts or quantities
  6. rain heavily
  7. be or make flowing

pour Sentences in English

  1. मूसलाधार बरसना  =  rain
    The rain pouring down

  2. उड़ेलना  =  container liquid, container
    Pour the milk from jug to pan

  3. उड़ेलना  =  pour
    Shall i pour out the tea

  4. तांता बध जाना  =  letter
    Letter of complaint poured into head office

  5. बरसाना  =  bullet
    The hunter was pouring bullets into the moving objects

  6. निकालना  =  story
    She poured the story of her grief

  7. ढरकाना  =  thing liquid
    Pour out the water left in the bucket

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