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  1. an organization to gain political power
  2. an occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainment
  3. a band of people associated temporarily in some activity
  4. a group of people gathered together for pleasure
  5. a person involved in legal proceedings
  6. social gathering
  7. gang
  8. group
  9. group supporting certain beliefs
  10. individual
  11. person(s) involved in legal action
  1. have or participate in a party

party Sentences in English

  1. पक्षकार  =  law
    As the party who has a grievance or a complaint

  2. पार्टी  =  get-together
    A birthday party

  3. दल  =  human
    A search party.

  4. सहायक  =  participant
    We were party to the deal.

  5. दल  =  partisanship
    To put considerations of party first.

  6. दल  =  political party
    The main political parties in the u.s. are the democrats and the republicans.

  7. वादी  =  law, human
    Is this solution acceptable to all parties concerned

  8. प्रीतिभोज  =  banquet
    A dinner party on occasion of marraige ceremony..

  9. दल  =  group
    A party of 12 french physicists touring the labs.

  10. गोष्ठी  =  group
    The party leader

  11. दल  =  group of people
    A party of school children

  12. व्यक्ति  =  human
    Look at the party in the green necktie.

  13. समारोह  =  occassion
    The couple in the next apartment are having their usual dish-trowing party.

  14. समारोह  =  occassion
    A birthday party.

  15. समर्थक  =  people
    Local shopkeepers and other interested parties were invited to the meeting.

  16. सहायक  =  person
    Is this solution acceptable to all parties concern.

  17. पार्टी  =  political party
    In 1992 perot tried to organize a third party at the national level.

  18. पार्टी चलना  =  event
    Partying all night long.

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