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  1. an adult male person (as opposed to a woman)
  2. someone who serves in the armed forces
  3. provide with men
  4. male human

man Sentences in English

  1. मनुष्य  =  quality, human
    Be a man!

  2. मर्द  =  character human
    Be a man!

  3. आदमी  =  job human
    The work which can only be done by man.

  4. आदमी  =  adult male
    Clothes for men.

  5. पति  =  husband
    She takes good care of her man

  6. प्रेमी  =  lover
    Who's her new man

  7. पुरूष  =  male person
    There were two men on the ship

  8. आदमी  =  male servant
    My man will drive you home.

  9. सिपाही  =  piece game
    He taught me to set up the men on the chess board

  10. सिपाही  =  soldier
    Two men stood sentry duty

  11. आदमी
    He is a nice man

  12. व्यक्ति  =  person
    Charles is a good-looking young man.

  13. खिदमतगार
    Jeeves was bertie wooster's man.

  14. आदमी लगाना  =  event
    Man the boat with a replacement crew.barbara will man the telephone switchboard till we get back.

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