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  1. a ceremonial dinner party for many people
  2. something experienced with great delight
  3. a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed
  4. an elaborate party (often outdoors)
  5. banquet and celebration
  1. partake in a feast or banquet
  2. provide a feast or banquet for
  3. gratify
  4. eat a great amount or very well

feast Sentences in English

  1. भोज  =  banquet
    Wedding feast.

  2. खाना  =  eat
    Lies feasting on rotting flesh.

  3. उत्सव  =  festival
    Ext week's film festival will be a great feast for cinema-goers.

  4. भोज देना  =  event
    Resident is going to feast in columbus's honour.

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