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inside Definitions and meaning in English

  1. relating to or being within or near the inner side or limit
  2. being or applying to the inside of a building
  3. located, suited for, or taking place within a building
  4. confined to an exclusive group
  5. away from the outer edge
  6. within some bounds
  7. especially of an organization
  8. in the middle; interior
  9. secret
  1. the region that is inside of something
  2. the inner or enclosed surface of something
  3. middle
  4. lining
  1. within a building
  2. on the inside
  3. with respect to private feelings
  4. in reality
  5. within

inside Sentences in English

  1. भीतरी  =  outside, state
    The inside pages of newpaper

  2. गुप्त  =  secret
    As i had some inside information i was able to buy at exactly the right time

  3. धंसा हुआ  =  baseball, state
    The pitch was low and inside

  4. भीतरी  =  indoor
    Inside activities for a rainy day

  5. भीतरी  =  interior
    An inside wall

  6. अंदर  =  outside, manner
    Come inside

  7. जेल में  =  in prison
    The police put him inside for murder

  8. अंदर से  =  mind, manner
    She is very kind inside

  9. अंदर  =  indoors
    The children are playing inside because it's raining

  10. अंदर  =  manner
    Come inside the room

  11. भीतरी भाग  =  outside
    An inside of wall

  12. भीतरी भाग  =  interior
    We painted the inside of house

  13. मन  =  mind
    Can you tell me what is in her inside

  14. भीतरी भाग  =  relative place
    We painted the inside of the house

  15. किनारा  =  side
    That car tried to pass on the inside

  16. पेट  =  stomach
    I have a pain in my insides

  17. के अंदर  =  within
    Inside the circlehe promised to arrive inside an hour

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