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  1. a customary way of operation or behavior
  2. systematic training by multiple repetitions
  3. translating an idea into action
  4. the exercise of a profession
  5. knowledge of how something is usually done
  6. exercise
  7. application
  8. business; clientele of business
  1. learn by repetition
  2. avail oneself to
  3. carry out or practice
  4. as of jobs and professions
  5. engage in a rehearsal (of)
  6. repeat action to improve
  7. carry out; undertake

practice Sentences in English

  1. पेशा  =  business
    The doctor wants his son to take over his practice

  2. प्रथा  =  custom
    It is not the practice here for women to appear on the street

  3. अभ्यास  =  exercise
    The practice of one's religion

  4. आदत  =  habit
    Taking coffee is my regular practice

  5. अनुशीलन  =  learn
    An hour's practice everyday

  6. कार्यप्रणाली  =  practice
    The shameful practice of a blackmailer

  7. सतत कार्यरत रहना  =  human, work
    She practised as a solicitor for many years

  8. अभ्यास करना  =  human action
    He is practicing wresling in gymnasium everyday

  9. वकालत करना  =  lawyer
    To practice law

  10. व्यवहार मे लाना  =  execute
    To put a scheme into practice

  11. अभ्यास करना
    We were given only two weeks to practice.

  12. रिहर्सल करना
    We were given only two weeks to practice.

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