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  1. the expression on a person's face
  2. the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually
  3. physical appearance
  4. the general atmosphere of a place or situation and theeffect that it has on people
  5. visual examination
  6. characteristic
  7. stylish appearance
  1. perceive with attention
  2. have a certain outward or facial expression
  3. search or seek
  4. be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point
  5. be opposite to
  6. take charge of or deal with
  7. convey by one's expression
  8. look forward to the probable occurrence of
  9. accord in appearance with
  10. have faith or confidence in
  11. examine visually
  12. appear
  13. seem to be
  14. expect
  15. anticipate
  16. face

look Sentences in English

  1. अभिव्यंजना  =  expression
    Sad expression

  2. ध्यान रखना  =  human
    Mother looks after the children

  3. देखना  =  action
    He went out to have a look

  4. दिखना  =  appearance
    She looks like her father.

  5. बदल देना  =  design
    They have given the shop completely a new look

  6. देखभाल करना  =  event human
    The mother looks after the child

  7. देखना  =  dress
    Look at her dress

  8. व्यक्त करना  =  eye
    He looked straight in the eyes

  9. रूख होना  =  face
    The house looks to the east

  10. परीक्षण करना  =  fact
    To look at the facts

  11. दिखना  =  feeling
    She looks very nervous

  12. देखना  =  human
    She looked at him and smiled

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