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  1. expect, believe, or suppose
  2. judge to be probable
  3. deem to be
  4. make a mathematical calculation or computation
  5. have faith or confidence in
  6. take account of
  7. add up; evaluate
  8. suppose
  9. imagine

reckon Sentences in English

  1. समझना  =  assume
    I reckon that it'll be ready by friday.

  2. गिनना  =  calculate
    Hire charges are reckoned from the date of delivery.

  3. माना जाना  =  consider
    She is reckoned the cleverest pupil in the class.

  4. आशा करना  =  expect
    We reckon to finish by midday.

  5. अनुमान लगाना  =  guess
    I reckon it will cost about rs.100.

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