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  1. a way of regarding situations or topics etc.
  2. the visual percept of a region
  3. the act of looking or seeing or observing
  4. the range of the eye
  5. a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty
  6. a message expressing a belief about something Synonym: horizon, purview 1
  7. outward appearance
  8. something that is seen
  9. examination
  10. belief
  1. deem to be
  2. look at carefully
  3. study mentally
  4. see or watch
  5. look at
  6. believe

view Sentences in English

  1. विचार  =  opinion
    What are your views on her resignation

  2. दृश्य  =  scene
    10 different views of london

  3. दृष्टिकोण  =  aspect
    As seen from the practical view the situation presents several problems

  4. झॉंकी  =  glimpse
    We had a private view of the jewel before the public auction

  5. रूख  =  interpretation
    Take a realist, passimistic and favourable view of the problem

  6. खाका  =  outline
    This books gives readers an inside view of m.15

  7. नजर  =  right
    The sun disappeared from view behind a cloud

  8. देखना  =  consider
    How do you view your changes of success

  9. निरीक्षण करना  =  inspect
    To view the construction of a road

  10. देखना  =  look thing
    View a battel through binoculars from the top of a hill

  11. समझना  =  regard
    She views every minor set back as a disaster

  12. परखना  =  asses
    Does not view the matter in right light

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