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  1. suffering from physical injury especially that suffered in battle
  2. used of inanimate objects or their value
  3. physically or mentally injured
  1. any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
  2. psychological suffering
  3. feelings of mental or physical pain
  4. a damage or loss
  5. the act of damaging something or someone
  6. injury; damage
  1. be the source of pain
  2. give trouble or pain to
  3. cause emotional anguish or make miserable
  4. cause damage or affect negatively
  5. hurt the feelings of
  6. feel physical pain
  7. feel pain or be in pain
  8. cause mental pain

hurt Sentences in English

  1. खिन्न  =  upset
    She was very hurt not to have been invited.

  2. ज़ख़्मी
    Ambulances for the hurt men and women

  3. आहत
    Ambulances for the hurt men and women

  4. दर्द पहुँचाना  =  cause
    It hurts when i move my leg.

  5. नुकसान पहुँचाना  =  harm
    Sales of the product have been serously hurt by the adverse publicity.

  6. चोट पहुँचाना  =  injure
    Did you hurt yourself

  7. ठेस पहुँचाना  =  offend
    I don't want to hurt your feelings but you ought to know.

  8. दर्द करना  =  pain
    My leg/arm hurts.

  9. तकलीफ़ देना
    It hurts me (= it makes me sad) to see her suffer.

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