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  1. the act of losing
  2. something that is lost
  3. the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue
  4. gradual decline in amount or activity
  5. the disadvantage that results from losing something
  6. military personnel lost by death or capture
  7. the experience of losing a loved one
  8. euphemistic expressions for death
  9. misfortune
  10. deficit; something misplaced or lost

loss Sentences in English

  1. नुकसान  =  military
    The enemy suffered heavy losses

  2. नुकसान  =  damage
    A serious loss of business

  3. घाटा  =  money
    Loss of money

  4. नाश  =  number
    Loss of life increased each day

  5. नु़कसान  =  worth
    It looked good but, it was a dead loss

  6. घाटा होना  =  result effort
    Inspite,of good sale the company had heavy loss

  7. नुकसान होना  =  result level
    Loss of engine speed at a high altitudes

  8. हानि होना  =  result memory
    A temporary loss of memory

  9. नु़कसान होना  =  result quantity
    Loss of milk

  10. नष्ट करना  =  result time
    She loss the time in having fun

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