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sad Definitions and meaning in English

  1. experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness
  2. of things that make you feel sad
  3. bad
  4. unfortunate
  5. unhappy
  6. depressed
  7. distressing

sad Sentences in English

  1. फीका  =  color
    A sad blue shade

  2. दुःखद  =  expression
    There was such a sad look in her eyes

  3. उदास  =  feeling
    Feeling sad because his dog had died

  4. रुखा  =  food
    A sad bread

  5. दुःखी  =  human
    Why is she looking so sad

  6. दुःखी  =  activity
    I'm sad because you are leaving now

  7. दुःखद  =  movie
    A sad movie

  8. बुरी  =  news
    A sad news

  9. दुःखी  =  sorrow
    Sad over her departure

  10. दुःखी  =  state
    A sad story

  11. दुखी  =  unhappy
    The news of her death saddened me

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