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  1. deserted or abandoned as by an owner
  2. failing in what duty requires
  3. careless
  4. negligent
  5. deserted
  6. forsaken
  1. a person unable to support himself
  2. a ship abandoned on the high seas
  3. destitute or down

derelict Sentences in English

  1. परित्यक्त
    The canal has been derelict for many years.

  2. नष्टप्राय
    A derelict town climbing up the side of a mountain

  3. जीर्ण
    A derelict old house

  4. त्यक्त
    Weed-grown yard of a derelict farmhouse

  5. अपचारी
    Derelict police officers

  6. कर्तव्यच्युत
    Derelict police officers

  7. आवारा व्यक्ति
    Derelicts living on the streets

  8. त्यक्त पोत
    Derelict left to drift

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