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  1. an artistic form of nonverbal communication
  2. a party of people assembled for dancing
  3. taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
  4. a party for social dancing
  5. moving feet and body to music
  6. party for moving to music
  1. move in a graceful and rhythmical way
  2. move in a pattern
  3. usually to musical accompaniment
  4. do or perform a dance
  5. skip, leap, or move up and down or sideways

dance Sentences in English

  1. नृत्य-कला  =  art
    She has written a book on a dance.

  2. नृत्य-संगीत  =  music
    A gypsy dance played on the violin.

  3. नृत्य-पार्ट्  =  party
    Hold a dance in the village hall.

  4. कूदना  =  animal
    The monkey is dancing up and down at the tree

  5. धड़कना  =  heart
    His heart is dancing with pleasure.

  6. टुक़डे-टुक़डे कर देना  =  situation
    She danced her shoes to shreds

  7. नाच करना  =  situation
    They danced to the music of the band

  8. नृत्य करना  =  human
    Would you like to dance

  9. नाचना  =  human
    Would you like to dance

  10. ऊपर-नीचे हिलना  =  leaf
    The leaves of the trees danced in the breeze

  11. ऊपर-नीचे होना  =  wave
    The waves are dancing.

  12. लहराना  =  wave
    The waves are dancing.

  13. उछलना  =  move
    He is dancing for joy.

  14. नृत्य करना  =  perform
    We danced the waltz

  15. नीचे-ऊपर नचाना  =  baby
    She danced the baby round the room.

  16. नचाना  =  human
    He danced her in the party.

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