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cheerful Definitions and meaning in English

  1. being full of or promoting cheer
  2. having or showing good spirits
  3. pleasantly (even unrealistically) optimistic
  4. happy

cheerful Sentences in English

  1. चमकीला  =  clothes
    High street boutiques selling cheap and cheerful clothes

  2. राज़ी-खुशी  =  compliance
    His cheerful compliance with our requests

  3. आनंदकारक  =  event
    It was a cheerful event

  4. हँसमुख  =  human
    A cheerful person

  5. प्रसन्न  =  human
    You are very cheerful today

  6. स्फूर्तिकारक  =  music
    A cheerful music

  7. प्रसन्न  =  nature
    Her cheerful nature

  8. सुखद  =  news
    He told us a cheerful news

  9. स्फूर्तिकारक  =  performance
    They played a cheerful performance on the street

  10. आरामदायक  =  place cozy
    Mahabaleshwara is very cheerful place

  11. हर्ष  =  sound
    He heared a cheerful sound from the room

  12. प्रसन्न  =  beautiful
    She is looking cheerful today

  13. प्रसन्न  =  mental condition
    He is cheerful person

  14. आनंदित  =  merry
    She is very cheerful today

  15. आनंददायक  =  pleasant
    The news is not very cheerful,i'm afraid

  16. प्रसन्न  =  sense attribute
    She is feeling cheerful today

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