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  1. being or moving higher in position or greater in some value
  2. being above a former position or level
  3. getting higher or more vigorous
  4. extending or moving toward a higher place
  5. (usually followed by `on' or `for') in readiness
  6. open
  7. (used of computers) operating properly
  8. used up
  9. out of bed
  1. spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position
  2. to a higher intensity
  3. nearer to the speaker
  4. to a more central or a more northerly place
  5. to a later time
  1. raise
  2. elevate
  1. situated above
  2. moving from the earth
  3. expired
  4. happening
  5. next

up Sentences in English

  1. खुश  =  happy
    He's been really up since getting that job.

  2. विपरीत  =  direction upstream
    The ship is going up the stream

  3. उठा हूआ  =  gate
    The gate on the railway crossing is up

  4. बड़ा  =  human
    He is up in the society

  5. जला हुआ  =  lights
    Lights are on

  6. अप  =  platform
    Up platform

  7. तेज  =  speed
    The up speed

  8. गर्म  =  temper
    Be careful his temper is up now

  9. उपर  =  thing
    The moon is up

  10. प्रस्तुत  =  topic
    The topic is up

  11. अप  =  train
    The up train

  12. ऊँची  =  voice
    The up voice

  13. जगा हुआ  =  awake
    All kids are up

  14. तैयार  =  built
    The meuseum is up and open for the public

  15. प्रत्येक  =  each
    The score was seven up in the final

  16. समाप्त  =  finish
    The game is up

  17. उत्साहित  =  high spirit
    He was up for a time and objected again

  18. अवगत  =  informed
    He is up on the current event

  19. विद्रोह ग्रस्त  =  revolutionary
    Many territories were up and sending troop for the government

  20. खुश  =  state
    He's been really up since getting that job.

  21. ऊपर
    He jumped up from his chair.

  22. ऊर्ध्व  =  movement
    The up movement of kite

  23. कस के  =  tightly
    Tie your belt up

  24. पूरी तरह से  =  utterly
    He finished it all up

  25. आगे  =  ahead
    To move up in the firm

  26. ऊपर  =  manner
    He jumped up from his chair.

  27. उपर की ओर  =  upward
    His face is up

  28. शीर्षस्थ व्यक्ति  =  human
    The ups in the business world suffered in the economic depression

  29. के उपर  =  on
    The cat is up the tree

  30. के ऊपर
    Run up the stairs.

  31. उठना  =  event
    He uped and ran away from home

  32. बढाना  =  thing
    They have uped their offer by a further five persent

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