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  1. a dense growth of bushes
  2. an implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle
  3. momentary contact
  4. conducts current between rotating and stationary parts of a generator or motor
  5. a minor short-term fight
  6. the act of brushing your teeth
  7. the act of brushing your hair
  8. contact with something dangerous or undesirable
  9. tool with bristles for cleaning
  10. fight
  11. scrappy bushes
  1. rub with a brush, or as if with a brush
  2. touch lightly and briefly
  3. clean with a brush
  4. sweep across or over
  5. remove with or as if with a brush
  6. cover by brushing
  7. touch lightly
  8. clean
  9. prepare by whisking

brush Sentences in English

  1. नेवर  =  horse
    A brush on horse's leg.

  2. ब्रश  =  action
    I'll just give my coat a quick brush.the dentist recommended two brushes a day

  3. चित्रकारी  =  art
    The brush of the painting

  4. कूँची  =  brush-pencil-pen
    He brought two brushes from the market.

  5. गट्ठा  =  bundle
    A brush of fuel woods.

  6. सफ़ाई  =  cleanliness
    You have to keep your teeth brush.

  7. विवाद  =  disagreement
    A slight brush with the law

  8. मुठभेड़  =  encounter
    I had a brush with the police

  9. झाडू  =  furniture
    She cleaned her house with brush.

  10. हल्का स्पर्श  =  light touch
    He felt the brush of her silk dress against him as she passed.

  11. खरोंच  =  scratch
    She has a nasty brush on her elbow.

  12. पूँछ  =  tail
    A fox's brush.

  13. ब्रश  =  tool
    He sells toothbrushes

  14. तूलिका  =  tool
    I want a small brush to paint this painting.

  15. रगड़कर साफ़ करना  =  human thing
    She brushed all the vessels

  16. सँवारना  =  adorn
    Their house is brushed with beautiful antique ornaments.

  17. सजाना  =  adorn
    Their house is brushed with beautiful antique ornaments.

  18. साफ़ करना  =  clean
    He brushes his teeth everyday.

  19. चला जाना  =  go
    He brushed out from the room.

  20. छूकर निकल जाना  =  graze
    The car just brushed the gate as it drove through.the light wind gently brushed his cheek

  21. रगड़ना  =  rub
    He brushed his eyes.

  22. झड़ना  =  sweep
    She brushed her house every week

  23. ठीक-ठाक करना  =  tidy
    Brush your hair

  24. संस्पर्श करना  =  touch, lightly
    The leaves brushes her face

  25. धोना  =  wash
    She brushed his coat clean.

  26. रगड़कर साफ़ करना  =  clothes
    He brushed his jacket.

  27. साफ़ करना  =  thing
    He brushed his teeth clean.

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