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  1. a loud resonant repeating noise
  2. a state of conflict between persons
  3. a state of conflict between colors
  4. a minor short-term fight
  5. disagreement or fight
  6. often brief
  1. crash together with violent impact
  2. be incompatible
  3. be or come into conflict
  4. disagree violently
  5. hit with a loud noise
  6. fight about
  7. often verbally
  8. do not match

clash Sentences in English

  1. संघर्ष  =  conflict
    Clash of interests, personalities, cultures, opinions.

  2. अनबन  =  disagreement
    Clash between the prime minister and the leader of the opposition on defence spending.

  3. भिड़न्त  =  encounter
    Lashes between police and demonstrators.

  4. संघर्ष  =  fight
    Clash between two classes.

  5. झनझनाहट  =  noise
    Clash of swords.

  6. टूट पड़ना  =  attack
    He two armies clashed.

  7. उलझना  =  disagree
    He government and the opposition clashed on the question of unemployment.

  8. टकराना  =  event
    Our party clashes with a wedding i'am going to.

  9. मुठभेड़  =  fight
    Emonstrators clashed with police.

  10. मेल न ख्ना  =  mismatch
    He colour of the wallpapers clashes with the colour of the carpet.

  11. टकराना  =  strike
    He swords clashed.

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