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  1. farther along in space or time or degree
  2. on the farther side from the observer
  3. in addition
  4. further; outside limits

beyond Sentences in English

  1. के आगे  =  further
    My house is just beyond those trees

  2. आगे  =  manner
    They crossed the mountains and travelled to the valleys beyond.

  3. परलोक  =  hereafter, place
    What can we know of the beyond

  4. के बाद  =  after
    Don't stay here beyond midnight.

  5. के अतिरिक्त  =  besides
    I can't tell you anything beyond what you know already.

  6. के अलावा  =  besides
    I own nothing beyond the clothes on my back.

  7. के अतिरिक्त  =  except
    She's got nothing beyond her state pension

  8. के बाहर  =  out of
    Beyond help

  9. के आगे  =  place
    Beyond those trees you will find his house.

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