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Stripped Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a relatively long narrow piece of something
  2. artifact consisting of a narrow flat piece of material
  3. an airfield without normal airport facilities
  4. a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book
  5. thin piece of wood or metal
  6. a form of erotic entertainment in which a dancer graduallyundresses to music
  1. take away possessions from someone
  2. get undressed
  3. remove the surface from
  4. remove substances from by a percolating liquid
  5. lay bare
  6. steal goods
  7. strip the cured leaves from
  8. remove the thread (of screws) 1
  9. remove a constituent from a liquid 1
  10. take off or remove
  11. draw the last milk (of cows) 1
  12. remove (someone's or one's own) clothes
  1. unclad

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